Ready to Survive and Thrive Through Any Challenge?

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Ready to Survive and Thrive Through Any Challenge?

Secrets of a Strong Mind® Online is a fast-paced, action-oriented learning experience with 5-minute videos and handouts based on research created by LaRae Quy, who was a FBI undercover and counterintelligence agent for 24 years. She exposed foreign spies and recruited them to work for the U.S. government. As an FBI agent, she developed the mental toughness to survive in environments of risk, uncertainty, and deception.

17 CEUs/CPEs available for CPAs, Engineers, MDs, RNs, and HSE professionals.

Kirk Waltz

“I had the pleasure of taking LaRae Quy’s Secrets of a Strong Mind online course, which was excellent. That course did so many things for me, it was a very strategic, well thought out course that tackled every part of my life…”

– Latoya Britt, AFPM


“Secrets of a Strong Mind is very well-distilled into small digestible packages.”

– Kirk Hjelte Waltz, Director, Environmental Consulting at ABS Group


“LaRae Quy is an engaging leader who draws from her twenty-four years of experiences as an FBI agent. Her stories and examples help her audience understand how they can be mentally tough and create a resilient mindset, something everyone needs right now.”

– Samantha Parish, Principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

In the midst of a global pandemic, economic uncertainty, high-demand professions and unhealthy emotional expectations, there is little room for error. Distractions and disruptions have us constantly doubting ourselves, preventing us from pursuing our true purpose. Functioning at a higher level—above all the noise, stress and ignorance—has become critical.

The key is sharpening your resilience skills.

LaRae Quy is the perfect person to teach you how. As an FBI counterintelligence and undercover agent for 24 years, she frequently encountered fast-moving, extremely dangerous situations. Throughout these defining moments, LaRae developed the wide range of mental toughness skills at the core of this course, Secrets of a Strong Mind®, including:

  • Adaptive Reasoning
  • Emotional Regulation
  • Individual Self-determination

Every profession comes with unique risks and traps. You live in a constantly changing world and carry a lot of responsibility. You owe it to yourself to develop skills that can help you prepare for and respond to both external challenges and internal foes like anxiety and negative feedback loops.

This course has been approved for 16 Continuing Education Units, CPE sponsored by Texas CPA Houston Foundation.

The best part: These are not skills people are born with. They’re something everybody can learn. Organized into eight course modules, Secrets of a Strong Mind® will help you:


Think positively and realistically

Cultivate inner resilience and be comfortable with failure

React resolutely and with grit during chaotic situations

Find your purpose and act with courage and conviction

Embrace and learn from your emotions

Outmaneuver destructive thinking traps and biases

Reorganize your life with de-stressing strategies

Achieve awareness and welcome the challenges life throws your way

For an analysis of the Mental Toughness Assessment (MTA) included in the Secrets of a Strong Mind® course by Vanesa Perez in the Clinical Psychology Department at Arizona State University, click here.

Secrets of Strong Mind® Online is based on LaRae’s experience as a former FBI counter-espionage agent and her book, “Secrets of a Strong Mind” which profiles field-tested methods for readers to develop mental toughness. LaRae’s book provides a curated package of tools and techniques to help people realize they are capable of far more than they believed to be possible.

It’s not obstacles that hold you back, it’s your attitude about both them and yourself. Many people feel overwhelmed. LaRae’s book, “Secrets of a Strong Mind” is a timely slap in the face to remind us that grit and mental toughness are needed to stick to our values so we can face our challenges and live a more successful life.

The powerful principles in LaRae’s book – and in Secrets of Strong Mind® Online, help you forge an unbeatable attitude, formulate action plans, and develop the tenacity to succeed in both your personal and professional lives.




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18291 N. Pima Road, Suite 110 #400
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