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Secrets of a Strong Mind® Online was developed by former FBI Special Agent LaRae Quy, who hunted and recruited spies and worked as an undercover and counterintelligence agent. Her motto is “Never ask ‘Can I do this?’ Instead, ask “How can I do this?’” Her course is designed to sharpen your resilience skills and function at a higher level, above all the noise, stress, and ignorance. LaRae’s experience and research have taught her that these are not skills people are born with—they are something everyone can learn.

Organized into eight modules, each with four to six powerful lessons and stories averaging three to five minutes each, plus exercises and worksheets, this four-hour video course addresses how to prepare for and respond to both external challenges and internal foes like anxiety and negative feedback loops. By learning how to react with grit during chaotic situations and outmaneuvering destructive thinking traps, you can achieve awareness and learn to welcome the challenges that life throws your way.

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