Who is this course for?

Anyone looking for guidance and techniques to excel despite challenges in their personal or professional life will benefit from the course. We’ve found it’s especially helpful for those working in the medical, management, and accounting fields.

What is a strong mind and why do I need it?
The key to a strong mind is not really a secret at all—all that is required is that you pursue something of value. That’s the real secret sauce because so few of us take the time to really think about the things that are important to us. Developing a stong mind supports you in achieving your dreams and goals and having a life that is fulfilling.
What makes Secrets of a Strong Mind (SOSM) modules effective?

Research shows that bite-size learning is more effective than longer sessions. Each SOSM lesson is broken down into 5-minute chunks to make it easier for you to fit them into your busy day.

LaRae speaks from the heart by using her personal experiences and these are just a few: 

Cultivate resilience to bounce through obstacles in complex and sophisticated investigations.
Use positive thinking when investigations didn’t go as planned.
Develop emotional competence to help me understand what the subject of an investigation was feeling and thinking
Embrace risk and uncertainty to handle risk and uncertainty when trying to coral a charging bull on our Wyoming ranch.
Move into discomfort zones when promoted to a new position where I went from knowing everything to knowing nothing.
Live by my values if I hoped to have the grit to get through the FBI Academy.
Manage anxiety and stress so I could be productive and efficient when snap decisions needed to be made.
Control my emotions so I could make good impressions and get to the heart of the matter.

How does SOSM differ from other online programs?
SOSM is based on my real-life experiences on a remote cattle ranch in Wyoming and my 24-year career as a counterintelligence and undercover FBI agent. Each lesson is opened with a story from my life that pertains to the lesson’s topic. The modules are backed up by psychology and neuroscience.  
How long is the course?
The course contains 8 modules. Each module is made up of lessons that can be completed in 5 minutes.
How can I put the lessons into practice?
It depends on how you like to learn. We recommend completing one module per week. We have found it easy for learners to play the lesson, and then download and complete the worksheets. Learners are asked to apply one concept, test the idea in your work environment and life, and journal about what they have learned in the morning and evening. Each lesson is followed by exercises on the topic that you can either print or download on your computer to record your answers. The information is saved on a secure database so you can revisit and revise your answers and/or observations as needed. The exercises show you how you can apply the lessons learned to your own situation.
Will these modules really improve my mental toughness score?

Yes! The mental toughness assessment has been validated by the Department of Clinical Psychology at Arizona State University. The modules provide research-based answers on how you can become mentally tough. Your Mental Toughness Score is an indication of your level of mental toughness. You will take the assessment before you begin the program and again at the end to see how you have improved. If there are any lessons or modules that you feel will support your further growth, you can review them and them retake your post assessment to see your further improvement.

How long do I have access to the course?
You will have one year of access to all the program materials. You can view and review all the lessons as many times as you like during that period of time.
How long does each module last?
The course is divided into modules, with lessons that are an average of 3-5 minutes long. From our research, we have found this is how adults learn most effectively.
Do I need to take the modules in a particular order?

No. You can choose the topic that you feel you need to focus on. Each module is a complete learning experience that stands on its own. What you will learn in each module supports your continued learning and grown in each subsequent module. The Secrets of a Stong Mind program is specifically designed so that there is no specific perscribed order that needs to be follwed. You may also find it helpful to re-take some of the modules in order to allow the synergistic effects of the complete program to support your growth and deepen your overall learning experience.

What if I want to buy the course for my organization?

Investment levels for groups are available for large groups. Click here to inquire about making an enterprise investment.

Will I receive bonus materials or anything else as part of this course?

It depends on your organization. LaRae Quy is available for video and live, deeper-dive masters level group interaction.

Do I get my money back if I don’t like the program?
Yes. You can try SOSM risk-free for 15 days!