Module 1: The Power of Positive Thinking

Set healthy expectations while planning constructively for roadblocks. Hunt the good stuff in life, face your fears, and deal wisely with negative emotions.

Lessons in this Module
Hunt the good stuff
Positive thinking vs optimism
Positivity vs reality
Chose to feel grateful
Our brain is wired to be negative
Why we need negative emotions

Module 2: Real-Time Resilience

Get comfortable with failure. Cultivate resilience by embracing the things in life that matter to you, while rejecting toxic pursuits and relationships that hold you back.

Lessons in this Module
Get comfortable with the F-Word (failure)
Interpret your pain
How to have hope in a bleak world
Love is not enough
Develop the right relationships

Module 3: Meeting Challenges and Embracing the Unknown

Firmly respond to every hardship. Develop a mentality that is patient, positive and prepared for when projects or life events don’t go exactly as expected.

Lessons in this Module
Choose your response
Use your brain to stay calm in the middle of a crisis
Be smart in how you embrace risk
Create a positive mindset

Module 4: Leading With Purpose

Discover and explore your purpose in life, not just stuff you’re passionate about. Transform into a courageous war-horse that perseveres through any difficulty.

Lessons in this Module
The secret to loving your life
Passion or purpose?
Courage in tough times
Determination makes it happen

Module 5: Emotional Control

Be the captain of your emotional ship. Evolve into a leader that learns from negative emotions and experiences, as opposed to succumbing to them.

Lessons in this Module
Understand what triggers your emotions
Get to know your emotions
The two brains need to talk with each other
Emotional competence

Module 6: Avoiding Self-Sabotage

The notes module allows learners to take notes during their course and then export their notes at the end of their course.

Lessons in this Module
Never confuse memory with facts
Why we make bad decisions
Learned helplessness
Choose your attitude

Module 7: Adjusting Your Viewpoint

Decrease anxiety and stress by learning to better organize your day and plan for the occasional, but inevitable obstacle.

Lessons in this Module
Visualize your success
Use neuroscience to organize your day

Module 8: Leading a Life of Action, Awareness, and Authenticity

Experience a truly authentic version of yourself. Develop adaptability skills, plus confidence and an appreciation for challenges that will always make you dependable to others (and yourself).

Lessons in this Module
Cognitive dissonance
Choose your struggles