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Strong Mind Assessment

As an FBI agent, I quickly learned that while theories are nice, evidence is better, so I relied on neuroscience and social psychology to help me find those answers. The deeper I dug, the more I understood how emotions, thoughts, and behavior combine to create a strong mind.

The result is the Strong Mind Assessment (SMA) that I created and had validated by Psychologist Vanesa Perez from the Clinical Psychology Department at Arizona State University (ASU). For a detailed analysis of the Strong Mind Assessment (included in the Secrets of a Strong Mind online course), click here.

The Strong Mind Assessment is an evidence-based tool that readers can use to measure three primary areas: emotions, thoughts, and behavior. When you take the SMA, your score will show you where you excel and which areas need attention. It’s been taken by over 46,000 professionals, and their scores indicate that most still need to work on confidence, resilience, or authenticity.

Take LaRae’s updated Strong Mind Assessment and see how you score!

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