Module 1:

Think Positively

L1: Introduction
L2: Hunt the Good Stuff
L3: Avoid the Optimism Trap
L4: Work for the Best, Plan for the Worst
L5: Unleash Gratitude
L6: Face Your Fears
L7: The Positives of Negative Emotions
L8: Exit

Module 5:

Embrace Emotions

L1: Introduction
L2: Know Your Enemy
L3: Emotional Control
L4: Fight AND Flight
L5: Encouraging Emotions
L6: Exit

Module 2:

Cultivate Resilience

L1: Introduction
L2: Get Comfortable with the F-Word
L3: Choosing Spirit Over Ego
L4: Embrace Light Over Darkness
L5: Be a Hero, Dump the Zeroes
L6: Exit

Module 6:

Outsmart Thinking Traps

L1: Introduction
L2: Stick to the Facts
L3: Breaking Bias
L4: Help Yourself
L5: Adjust Your Outlook
L6: Exit

Module 3:

Resolute Reactions

L1: Introduction
L2: The Right Response
L3: Keep Calm Amid Chaos
L4: Embrace Risk with Wisdom
L5: A Positive Mindset
L6: Exit

Module 7:

 De-stressing Strategies

L1: Introduction
L2: Weight of the World
L3: Seeing success
L4: Control the Discussion (In Your Head)
L5: Train Your Brain
L6: Exit

Module 4:

Standing Firm

L1: Introduction
L2: Persevere with Purpose
L3: Go Beyond Passion
L4: Choose Courage
L5: Accept Every Challenge
L6: Exit

Module 8:

Achieve Awareness

L1: Introduction
L2: Action and Awareness
L3: Don’t Settle for Happiness
L4: Struggle to Achieve
L5: Authenticity
L6: Exit