Do you focus on values as a leader?
Do you make the most of what you are given?
Are you hungry for change?

Do you know those people who seem to have it all together? The successful career, the supportive friend group, the loving family. One thing these people all share is mental toughness – resilience in the face of adversity.

The good news is that that can be you. A strong mind is not something we’re born with, but something we develop.

The skills that make a great FBI agent are the same skills that make a great leader.

In my Secrets of a Strong Mind online training course, not only do I teach you how to master these skills, I also share other skills I learned as an FBI agent so you can become a strong and resilient leader. This is what the 2023 WEN Leadership Secrets program is offering you.

In this short video I’ll share insider secrets to become even more resilient, based on neuroscience and social psychology.

Develop Your Persistence and Resilience In As Little As 5 Minutes A Day

You can spend decades developing mental toughness in high-stress situations as I did. Or you can develop it in just 5 minutes a day from the comfort of your favorite chair.

Based on 24 years of real-life experience working as an undercover and espionage agent for the FBI – and backed up by psychology and neuroscience – the Secrets of a Strong Mind on-demand online course will help you overcome any challenge you may face in the energy sector.

Energy has become a hot topic in recent times. With the energy crisis in Europe, power cuts in states across the U.S., and extreme weather events increasing the energy load, the energy sector can be a stressful industry.

To add to that, we’re experiencing economic uncertainty, political tension, and a global pandemic.

Mental toughness is the ability to manage your thoughts, emotions, and behavior in ways that set you up for success. It’s the resilience you need when faced with adversity and has become more important than ever before. Being resilient will help you face any challenge with confidence – which will help you flourish in the demanding energy sector.

Resiliency will help you succeed in your professional life, but it will help you flourish in your personal life, too.

The Secrets of a Strong Mind course is broken down into 5-minute lessons, so you can develop your grit whenever you have five spare minutes in your daily flow of work.

The entire course is delivered online, and includes three bonus team coaching sessions at 12:00 EST on:

1. May 18, 2023 – Real-Time Resilience
2. July 19, 2023 – Thinking Traps
3. October 18, 2023 – Persistence and Grit.

This is a value of $500 you receive Free at no charge to you as a bonus for signing up for Secrets of a Strong Mind. All you need is your smart phone or a mobile device.

You might think you can’t learn much in five minutes. However, the evidence is starting to pile up proving that learning in short, “bite-sized”-chunks makes it easier for you to learn and retain new information.

This is especially true for busy professionals in demanding industries with increasing workloads – like the energy sector.

For this reason, Bite-Sized Learning is poised to develop into a critical component for workplace training and higher education.

By structuring The Secrets of a Strong Mind course with the Bite-Sized Learning approach, you can develop your resilience in only five minutes a day.

The Secrets of a Strong Mind course has been approved for 17 CEUs/CPEs available for CPAs, engineers, and HSE professionals.

Developing your grit will have untold benefits for your personal and professional life. Enrolling in The Secrets of a Strong Mind course will improve your qualifications and aid you in continuing your education relevant to your industry.

Are you ready to transform your life by developing your mental toughness?

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