“Secrets of a Strong Mind” Introduction

Leadership tips from LaRae Quy,
a 24-year FBI Special Agent veteran



In 8 simple steps, just 5 minutes each.

Discover how to:

​✔ Sharpen your mental fitness
✔ Apply the power of calm thinking
✔ Stop limiting thoughts
✔ Be in charge
✔ Lead like an FBI Special Agent

🎁 Bonus: 6 proven exercises to build a strong mind

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What people are saying:

Kristie Ondracek

“When I was frazzled and at the end of my rope, the words and lessons from completing Secrets of a Strong Mind Online helped me know that there is a way to climb back to the top of my game. It was a tool to help me quiet my racing thoughts. I am recovering from burnout and feeling great. Thank you, LaRae for your program.”

Latoya Britt, AFPM

“I had the pleasure of taking LaRae Quy’s Secrets of a Strong Mind online course, which was excellent. That course did so many things for me, it was a very strategic, well-thought-out course that tackled every part of my life…”

Kirk Hjelte Waltz, Director
Environmental Consulting at ABS Group

“Secrets of a Strong Mind is very well-distilled into small digestible packages.”

Samantha Parish, Principal, Deloitte Financial Advisory Services LLP

“LaRae Quy is an engaging leader who draws from her twenty-four years of experiences as an FBI agent. Her stories and examples help her audience understand how they can be mentally tough and create a resilient mindset, something everyone needs right now.”

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