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This is the preview and Pre-Assessment for The Secrets of a Strong Mind Online Course.

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Module 1: Think Positively Preview

Set healthy expectations while planning constructively for roadblocks. Hunt the good stuff in life, face your fears, and deal wisely with negative emotions.

Introduction to Modules 2 through 8

View a brief introduction to Modules 2 through 8 of the Secrets of a Strong Mind Online Course

Module 2: Cultivate Resilience Preview

Get comfortable with failure. Cultivate resilience by embracing the things in life that matter to you, while rejecting toxic pursuits and relationships that hold you back.

Module 3: Resolute Reactions Preview

Firmly respond to every hardship. Develop a mentality that is patient, positive and prepared for when projects or life events don’t go exactly as expected.

Module 4: Standing Firm Preview

Discover and explore your purpose in life, not just stuff you’re passionate about. Transform into a courageous war-horse that perseveres through any difficulty.

Module 5: Embrace Emotions Preview

Be the captain of your emotional ship. Evolve into a leader that learns from negative emotions and experiences, as opposed to succumbing to them.

Module 6: Outsmart Thinking Traps Preview

The notes module allows learners to take notes during their course and then export their notes at the end of their course.

Module 7: De-stressing Strategies Preview

Decrease anxiety and stress by learning to better organize your day and plan for the occasional, but inevitable obstacle.

Module 8: Achieve Awareness Preview

Experience a truly authentic version of yourself. Develop adaptability skills, plus confidence and an appreciation for challenges that will always make you dependable to others (and yourself).